About Ahirkar Group

Three decades ago, Anil Kumar Tea Company, a parent company started its business activities in loose Tea Trading at Nagpur. Over a period of time, the Company has established a great reputation and created many prestigious brands in the blended tea segment. The Quality, Customer Care and service have won the hearts of tea lovers.
The Corporate structure of the AHIRKAR Group of Companies is based on a strong foundation and the growth-success combination is going strong and stronger with every passing day.
AmrutSpray Dairy Whitener, Saoji Spices and ready-to-make Shahi Gulabjamuns have created a stir in the market. Well, the received response gave a boost to expand further the activities of the company. Under the dynamic entrepreneurship of Anil Ahirkar, the Group has ventured into restaurants and hotels, Packed Spices, Real Estate and the education field.
Ahirkar Group has always been a quality and value-driven organization. Each and every preventive measure is taken by the company to ensure that product quality is maintained. We have our own team of knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to working to ensure quality-related activities so that every single product represented by us is in keeping with our quality criteria.

The packaging department ensures the use of the latest packaging machine so that the product is prevented from contamination. We constantly strive hard to maintain the highest quality standards in our day-to-day work. The well-packaged products maintain medicinal value and thus are good for health.

You will find our products in any local food stores, supermarkets & our own stores. You can also purchase our products online from shopping websites such as www.amazon.in & www.bigbasket.com

Ahirkar Group has top quality and have greatest products on all over the world